I’m an immigrant.

Seeing these three words or even saying them out loud can sometimes still catch me off guard.  I mean I don’t feel like an immigrant. And I would have forgotten completely that I look like one were it not for the mirror. 

By R.S Jafri

An immigrant, simply put in layman’s term applies to a person who has emigrated or moved away from ones own country of birth and residence to another country. But in a complicated world, the word carries with it so many other connotations. Predominately negative ones. Uncultured, uneducated, slackers, oppressed to name a few. Such stereotypes generalize an entire group of people, instantly slapping on a label that may be hard to shake.  I mean, why would anyone want to delve deeper into the personality and characteristics of different people who happen to be immigrants if they’re already labeled. The works been done. …

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